Landlord’s Right to Show Tenant Occupied Property

show tenant occupied property in new jersey

Landlords in New Jersey often ask their rights to show tenant occupied property that is for sale. Allowing prospective buyers access can increase sale proceeds. A bidding war is more likely if multiple prospective buyers are able to view in the interior. A landlord’s right to enter tenant-occupied property is limited. The starting point is … Read more

Valid and Enforceable Deeds in New Jersey

enforceable and valid deeds in new jersey

Deeds are a legal document that transfers ownership in real estate. New Jersey recognizes multiple kinds of deeds: bargain and sale, quit claim, sheriff’s deed, deed in lieu of foreclosure, special warranty, and general warranty deeds. The New Jersey Recording Act requires that deeds must be recorded to be fully enforceable against future claims. The … Read more

Forms of Real Estate Ownership in New Jersey

real estate ownership in new jersey

Real estate ownership takes many forms in New Jersey. Rights in real property change based on the number of owners and their percentage share, martial relationships, whether subject to inheritance or automatic transfer, death of a beneficiary, use restrictions, right of re-entry, and termination upon the occurrence of a pre-defined event. Deeds in New Jersey … Read more